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Day at the Races

Day at the Races amplifies the excitement of the season’s changing here in the heart of the Bluegrass. Blood orange excites you with the newness of Kentucky mornings. At the same time, patchouli, black rose, vetiver, and sandalwood are the aromas that perfume the room reminding your body what you must be excited about during a Day at the Races!

Summer Vacation

Summer air, new clothes, and crave-worthy treats are the pillars that make getting ready and going on summer vacation an experience, not just a trip. Transport yourself back in time to your last summer holiday, amusement park, or boardwalk. Summer Vacation materializes an ambiance with fresh air and fine clothes, backed by subtle notes of cotton candy, candied nuts, and all the fun treats you only get to enjoy a couple of times a year. Beautiful and grand, soft yet complex.