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The Heart Behind Brownstone

Brownstone Origins

What a gift means to you

Foremost, getting a Brownstone candle for yourself is a gift! You deserve to treat yourself as our candles are curated to make you feel comforted, restful, emotionally hugged, safe, and at peace. 

Like you, many people try to work and care for others before themselves. While this is well-intentioned, it postures you to always give out of a place of scarcity. If you don't take care of yourself, you'll never be the best help to others. Each day it is essential that you feel cared for, look great, feel good, and are happy before entering the world. When you enter the world at 100%, that's when you can give out of a place of abundance and not lack.

Caring for yourself in this way can feel guilty at first because it's almost too good to be true. It may have to start as a discipline, lighting up a Brownstone candle, and taking time for yourself, but it's a luxury you can afford. You deserve to treat yourself, you are of primary importance, and little by little, we think you'll agree too. 🤗

The Purpose behind Brownstone

An Emotional Journey