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The Heart Behind Brownstone

Brownstone Origins

What a gift means to our community

We want to live in a better world but often overcomplicate what the world needs. The world simply needs people living with sound minds and great hearts — loving, listening, and caring for one another.

The earth won’t be restored in a day, but someone’s world close to you can. We make Brownstone candles to be enjoyed alone, shared with others, and around people you love. Our candles should remind you of great memories, prompt new ones, and inspire you to care for yourself and others.

As you begin to share, you’ll each begin to uncover the complexity behind why you feel the way you do around a Brownstone Candle. Depths of purpose and layers of meaning saturate everything you do, and imagine a community that shared this ability to articulate and care for how people feel.

Ultimately, buying Brownstone candles means you care about how people think and feel. In our world, that’s the most challenging part, and the rest gets easier and will sort itself out from here!

The Purpose behind Brownstone

An Emotional Journey