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The Heart Behind Brownstone

Brownstone Origins

What a gift means to others

Our goal at Brownstone is to articulate why candles matter so much to people.

Candles are valuable to everyone, and you can’t argue that because you can find candles from Dollar Stores to Nordstrom, Nicholasville to Manhattan, and everywhere in between. But part of what makes a Brownstone candle so critical is our ability to articulate and put into craft what people feel and desire from fine fragrance.

As you enter into an emotional courtship with Brownstone, we hope you discover through experience how meaningful fragrance is, how something so simple can change the way you feel and act, and that you’ll feel proud to exclaim and share these powerful feelings with those you love.

More than ever, people are crying out to be seen, heard, and known. Especially in a world saturated with lifeless gifts, a Brownstone candle could be a spark that makes people feel seen, heard, known, and happy like never before (or at least in a long time). Because it’s more than a candle, it’s a feeling, and it’s an action. It’s something you do and are a part of forever.

By the way, getting Brownstone candles for others is a great gift, and we thank you in advance for such thoughtful generosity to those around you.

The Purpose behind Brownstone

An Emotional Journey