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The Heart Behind Brownstone

Brownstone Origins

The Heart Behind Brownstone

Scent is more than an aroma, it’s the primary trigger of our great memories, and we believe that ethos separates our fine fragrances from other simple smells. 

Anyone can sit down and create something that seems to smell nice at first glance, but it takes a lot more intentionality to think about how a person feels and make a real feeling around something as simple as what someone smells.  

Salient, subtle, and soft is our character that will attract your senses through an emotional courtship and be kind to your sanities in a world overloaded with pungent sweet and harsh smells. Our fragrances amplify the beauty of life and aren’t created for the need to cover anything up.

A flame isn’t the only thing emitted when you light a candle from Brownstone. Depths of purpose and layers of meaning begin to saturate the air as you think about and discover the complexity behind what you feel. 

Ultimately, through a courtship with Brownstone, we hope you discover what we believe. 

Give people scents to remember life by, and they’ll (easily) remember you—people who have felt this intention and feel looked after immediately return that kindness by looking after and caring for others. 

Suddenly, our world can feel better with something as simple as a pleasing fragrance.

The Purpose behind Brownstone

An Emotional Journey